Heart Specialist

“Many of us seem to be too busy to engage in a lifestyle that protects our cardiovascular health. The long term consequences can be devastating,” Christian Heesch, a physician whose practice focuses on interventional cardiology told us. “Preventive efforts cannot start early enough, and they need to be sustained.”

“It is imperative to immediately stop smoking, and to even avoid the inhalation of second hand smoke”, Christian Heesch continued. “Before we can talk about positive things we can and should do to protect our heart, let’s cut out all that harms us in the first place.”

“Regular aerobic exercise is an important tool we have to reduce stress, keep our weight in the normal range, and reduce blood pressure”, Christian Heesch added. “In fact, in many diabetics, exercise can also help control blood sugar levels.   If you exercise four or five times a week, each time no less than 30-45 minutes, you are doing a lot to help your heart out in the long term. “

“Always remember that no two people are alike, and that everybody has a different health history and background”, Christian Heesch concluded. “Talk to your doctor about a reasonable and sustainable exercise program that fits your needs, and dietary changes you may have to make. Lifestyle changes, and for some people medications, can go a long way to keep your heart healthy for decades to come.”

Author: Robert Strong