Christian Heesch Says US Vaccinations Are Safe

Christian Heesch is concerned with the rumors being spread about the dangers of childhood vaccinations for common diseases. As an internist and cardiologist, he has worked in many areas where some parents don’t have the resources to vaccinate their children for these diseases; and he has seen firsthand the unnecessary suffering that many children have been subjected to as a result.

As Christian Heesch describes it, “While I am certainly not a pediatrician or infectious disease specialist, I can tell you first hand that the absence of vaccine programs for children can create much unnecessary suffering in children.  Further, common childhood diseases such as mumps or measles can take a course that is anything but benign.  I have seen outcomes with death or permanent disability as a result.”

 Christian Heesch sees a missing education piece for parents to get their information from only credible sources. “Most parents obtain their information on health related issues from the internet.  Unfortunately, there is much good and much bad information that can be consulted, and it is sometimes difficult for people without a medical background to tell the difference.” He believes that if more parents got their information from credible sources, then there would be more clarity on this heated topic of debate.

Author: Robert Strong