Christian Heesch – Childhood Vaccinations are Safe

In a recent interview, Christian Heesch addressed the question of whether childhood vaccinations were safe.  “Concerns regarding this possible connection have been surfacing for some time now, and such concerns are not based on any facts.  Quite the opposite, all the available evidence has shown, over and over again, that the childhood vaccination programs available to us here in the United States are safe, do not cause autism, and prevent much harm and suffering,” says Heesch.

He then expanded on the topic: “I can say categorically that there is no causal connection between vaccines routinely administered to children in the United States, and the development of autism.  Any occurrences of autism are unrelated. Parents need to keep in mind that childhood diseases such as mumps or chickenpox are not always benign. In fact, in some children there are complications.  In the past, I have attended to children in a part of the world where vaccine programs had not been fully established.  I have seen children and adults die of complicated measles – very sad, especially in view of the fact that this would have been preventable had these patients received the vaccines available to us in the United States.”

Christian Heesch has been an internist and cardiologist for several years, and he has worked in areas with ample access to vaccines, and ones without.

Author: Robert Strong