Christian Heesch Debunks the Myth About Vaccines and Autism

The issue of vaccination has been the subject of various debates as of late, not only on numerous Internet forums but also at kitchen tables across the country. As a general doctor and cardiovascular specialist, Christian Heesch weighs in on the topic with a number of assertions that debunk the myth about vaccines for childhood diseases and their link to autism.

According to Christian Heesch, there is no need for parents to fear such a connection. While he may not be a pediatrician or specialist of vaccines, he has worked in many areas where the common childhood vaccines that we have taken advantage of here in the United States are largely absent, and he has seen the damaging effects these diseases can have when proper vaccinations are not available. He has seen children go through needless suffering in the absence of vaccines, and some have suffered complications that have led to permanent damage. In some cases, these benign diseases can even become a cause of death, which is why parents should take these diseases seriously.

Christian Heesch urges parents to educate themselves on this topic in order to protect their children from these diseases. Various credible resources such as the CDC and the Mayo Clinic have articles published online in support of vaccination.